The Razor's Edge of Technology Services, Part II

Service Transformations



Keynote Videos from Technology Services World 2011 Silicon Valley


The Changing Role of Services in the Sales Process
J.B. Wood, President and CEO, TSIA


Services that lead to consumption are becoming the key to account growth. So what should the role of services be in growing profitable account revenue? How should we think about the opportunities, and how should we realistically evaluate our ability to deliver on the promise given the people, processes, and business models we have in services today? This keynote provides some provocative thoughts around this major, upcoming revolution of the traditional “go-to-market” model.


Crash-Proofing a Tech Business
Thomas Lah, Executive Director, TSIA


The global economy is recovering, but there are artifacts of the downturn that will continue to impact technology service organizations for a decade to come. In his keynote, TSIA executive director Thomas E. Lah outlines four trends that are disrupting traditional service business models: cloud computing, utility computing, mobile computing, and social media. These trends are creating specific challenges that service organizations must take a leadership role in addressing.


Converged to Lead: An HP Services Transformation Story
Anand Eswaran, Vice President, Global Professional Services Software and Solutions, Hewlett-Packard

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. These words can have a persuasive influence that compels services leaders to stay within their comfort zone, especially when the alternative means challenging the longstanding status quo. But what if you have a vision for the future that mandates radical change, even if the current state is still delivering great results? Hear how services leaders are undertaking the daunting task of transforming HP's significant software services business from independent silos, each focused on their own core capabilities, to a new converged organization providing value-added services focused on delivering customer-centric business outcomes.

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The IT Buyer of the Future
David Pogue, New York Times personal-technology columnist, author and television personality


The tech industry is shifting fast, and so is the culture. Everything in tech is being reinvented right beneath our feet: support, education, features, value. The line between consumer tech and corporate tech is blurring. The incoming generation has completely different expectations of society and business. They multitask, they demand instant gratification, they expect two-way social interaction with companies. Where is it all going, what new technologies will be taken for granted, and what does this new creature, The IT Customer of the Future, look like? New York Times tech columnist David Pogue makes some real and plausible predictions.


Keynote - Returning to Growth: How Xerox is Strategically Using Services to Drive Growth
William Steenburgh, Senior Vice President, Xerox Services, Xerox


The new Xerox is all about growth and is aggressively pursuing organic and inorganic opportunities in document technology and services, business process outsourcing and IT outsourcing to deliver that growth. This keynote video provides high level perspective of the Xerox journey to become the world’s largest enterprise for business process and document management. Learn how Xerox and Xerox Services are strategically using Services to drive growth.



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