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Social and Service Technology Business Challenges

We know the hottest trends and best practices in social and service technology.

TSIA's detailed analysis of the industry has identified a top set of business challenges related to service technology, knowledge management, and social support that we address through our membership program.

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February 27

Scale Your Support Organization Using AI: A RingCentral Case Study Description

Learn how a comprehensive digital transformation strategy can lead to better SEO with increased customer satisfaction.

February 13

Five Ways to Future-Proof Your Content

Learn how to ensure your content stands the test of time so you can maximize on new opportunities in the future.

January 30

Migrating to the Cloud

Join us to ensure your journey to the cloud is adaptable, simple and successful.


Will Digital AI, Liquid Workforce & Resource Optimization Drive Success in 2020?

Join us to learn incremental steps businesses can take to get started with AI.


Introducing a Framework for Change in 2020

Learn how to move your company forward by introducing change gradually and effectively.


Chatbot B2B Case Study: Reduce Call Volume, Improve Customer Experience

Learn the keys to advancing your B2B customer experience through chatbot ingenuity.


Transform Business Performance with Effective Resource Planning

How to increase your overall business performance by transitioning from revenue to resource forecasting.

Technology Insight

The State of Knowledge Management: 2019

Results from TSIA's 7th annual Knoweldge Management Survey, covering knowledge management and self-services for support.


5 Critical Steps for Outcomes-First Customer Service

Learn how to deliver successful outcomes for your company while keeping your customers at the heart of what you do.


Cognitive Search for Better Self-Service: 10 Secrets No Vendor Will Tell You

Join us to learn best practices on how to drive smarter self-service with cognitive search and leverage it for intelligent support.


Managing Complex Projects for Maximum Profits

Join us to learn best practices on how to drive customer satisfaction and revenue while focusing on project delivery and resource management.


The Secrets of Successful Support Communities

Learn the secrets of creating, integrating, and growing a successful support community for your company.


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  • Digital transformation: what it means, and what are the impacts
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Meet the Research Expert

John Ragsdale, Distinguished VP, Technology Research

John works closely with member companies to deliver research and advisory programs focused on helping them improve their service operations and overall customer experience by leveraging innovative technology.

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Understand industry best practices for leveraging the technology
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Identify key selection criteria for the project