Innovation in Support Services Automation

This award recognizes the company that has used technology/automation to innovate their Support Services organization.

The winners(s) will have solved a problem or problems with the use of innovative automation. Ideally, TSIA members will have built a technology adoption strategy to future-proof their customer experience and customer engagement strategies. The technology/automation project(s) highlighted in this award submission will showcase the innovative use of technology that has added and driven value for the customer, the employees and the business.

Overview: What You Did

Provide an overview of your innovative Support Automation project at a high level. Details might include, among others:

  • Business challenges that led to the creation of a comprehensive automation/technology program/project
  • Timeline of Support automation/technology project
  • The tools and automation used to facilitate the innovation
  • Impact to employees, customers, and the business by automating processes and mundane or repetitive tasks (e.g., use of analytics to automate support quality monitoring)
  • Implementation of next generation technology to create a differentiated support experience for your customers
  • Use of technology/automation to improve employee productivity
  • Innovative automation that has reduced customer and employee effort
  • Lessons learned. What would you do differently next time? What can others learn from your journey?

Business Impact: How This Automation Innovation Has Helped Your Company

Describe how your innovative technology solution has impacted business outcomes for your company. Provide supporting metrics*, such as:

  • Customer effort and loyalty scores
  • Churn and renewal metrics
  • Efficiencies in common support services business processes (case management, knowledge capture, resource management, etc.)
  • Cost savings
  • Return on investment(s)
  • Improved gross margin and/or financial performance metrics
  • Overall company revenue and support revenue growth
  • Measures of key employee metrics (productivity, satisfaction, attrition, etc.)

Customer Impact: How This Automation Innovation Has Helped Your Customers

Detail how your innovative technology solution has positively impacted your customers. Provide supporting evidence*, such as:

  • Customer-centered metrics including customer effort, satisfaction, and loyalty scores
  • Improvements in the delivery of Support Services (reduced downtime, response time, resolution time, proactive support, predictive support, etc.)
  • Improvements in the creation and delivery of new products and/or product enhancements
  • Metrics related to adoption and consumption of products/services
  • Impact on your customers’ businesses and/or on their customers (e.g., improved ability to respond to their customers’ requests, enhanced operational efficiency, inventory reductions, etc.)
  • Include customer testimonials

Judging Criteria

Your application will be judged on the following criteria:

  • The Pacesetter Factor of Your Application: Is your application based on a compelling problem faced by Support organizations and/or is it truly “innovative” in today’s technology industry?
  • Business Impact: How has this technology project/innovation helped your company?
  • Customer Impact: How has this technology project/innovation helped your customers?
  • The Cohesiveness of Your Application: Is there a single, end-to-end narrative that is easy to follow and supported by good examples and/or data? (i.e., business challenges, inception, creation, implementation, adoption, measurement, expansion, process, results, lessons learned, future projections)
  • The Effectiveness of Your Metrics: Do the metrics that you included adequately support the story that you are telling and are they organized and presented well?

* These are suggestions only, provided to give an idea as to the appropriate type and level of detail. This is not a comprehensive list nor intended to limit your response in any way.