Research Program

TSIA Research – Take Your Relationship to the Next Level!

TSIA conducts research throughout the year, gathering in-depth information from benchmarks, surveys, studies, inquiries, and market trends. This information can be accessed and leveraged for your internal use and as part of your thought leadership activities through the following channels:

  • TSIA Executive Speakers—TSIA research executives including John Ragsdale, TSIA executive director Thomas Lah, and TSIA president and CEO J.B. Wood, can be contracted to participate in your webinar or in-person at your internal, partner or customer event.
  • Modified Research Reports—TSIA will modify an existing TSIA research report to incorporate your provided content. The resulting report can be published to your website, used as a sales tool and used in your marketing campaigns.

Download the Partner Program Overview to see our complete listing of partner program offerings.