About Consulting Alliance Partnership

As a service to the membership, TSIA has implemented the TSIA Consulting Alliance Partner (CAP) program. TSIA Consulting Alliance Partners are thought leaders and service providers that command expertise unique to the world of technology services. In this program, TSIA accepts applications from service providers specializing in the functional areas of technology services management such as strategy, marketing, sales, and portfolio development.

Accepted partners contribute to the TSIA community in a number of ways, including:

  • Working directly with members to improve services performance and drive operational outcomes.
  • Providing a broader awareness of TSIA among the technology services community.
  • Offering consulting services based on TSIA research.
  • Co-presenting with member companies at TSIA conferences.

TSIA greatly values the contributions of these industry thought leaders and the role they play in extending the learning, networking, and services improvement opportunities available to members.

Meet Our Current Consulting Alliance Partners

Consulting Alliance Partners provide consulting services to TSIA members in  order to enhance service effectiveness in alignment with TSIA thought  leadership.     Leverage CAP Thought Leaders   

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