Innovation in Strengthening Customer Relationships via Customer Success Teams

Offered to: Customer Success Members

This award recognizes the company that demonstrates the most innovative approach, through establishing a customer success team, to assisting customers in realizing the maximum business value from the use of its products and services.

Overview: What You Did

Provide an overview of your innovation at a high level and of how it aligns with your Customer Success Charter (Adoption, Retention, Expansion). Details* might include, among others:

  • Design and creation of a Customer Success team that fits with the theme of the corporate mission (A, R, E)
  • Use of analytics to monitor how customers are using your technology (A, R, E)
  • Delivery of services that increased adoption of your technology (A)
  • Establishment of formal adoption frameworks for assessing customer adoption levels (A)
  • Effective strategy for expanding account presence after the initial implementation of your solution (A, R)
  • Processes and tools that drove efficiencies across Customer Success teams and that enabled them to more effectively
    deliver service and content to customers (A)
  • Processes and tools that enabled the Customer Success teams to accurately predict the propensity of
    customers to renew (R)
  • Processes and tools that enabled the Customer Success teams to nurture customer communities and
    drive advocacy (A, R, E)
  • Processes and tools that enabled the Customer Success teams to accurately identify new opportunities and
    drive them to successful closure (E)

Business Impact: How This Innovation Has Helped Your Company

Describe how your innovation has impacted business outcomes for your company.  Provide supporting metrics*, such as:

  • Positive effects on renewal rates
  • Positive effects on customer loyalty measurements (NPS, CES, etc)
  • Increase in customer references and advocacy
  • Measurable improvements in the way timely customer feedback and ideas make their way into the delivery of new products and/or product enhancements
  • Cost savings; scaling of organization's ability to serve more customers
  • Revenue growth (directly through fee for service or through expansion sales)
  • Measures of employee performance (productivity, satisfaction, turnover, etc.)

Customer Impact: How This Innovation Has Helped Your Customers

Detail how your innovation has positively impacted your customers.  Provide supporting evidence*, such as:

  • Metrics related to accelerated levels of adoption & consumption of products/services
  • Metrics related to your customers' achievement of stated business goals through optimal use of your solutions
  • Customer testimonials that articulate the positive business impact of your Customer Success organization's proactive guidance and engagement

Your application will also be judged on the following criteria:

  • The Cohesiveness of Your Application. Is there a single, end-to-end narrative that is easy to follow and that is supported by good examples and/or data?
  • The "CXO-readiness" of Your Application. Is your presentation both concise (to-the-point) and compelling in its brevity?
  • The Effectiveness of Your Metrics. Do the metrics that you include adequately support the story that you are telling?

* All of the criteria lists above are suggestions only, and provided to give an idea as to the appropriate type and level of detail. These are not comprehensive lists nor intended to limit your response in any way.


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