Rated Outstanding

TSIA’s Rated Outstanding certification program allows you to target recognition in a single area of strength:  a single support operation location, and/or a specific mode of support (e.g., TSIA Rated Outstanding, North America, Assisted Support). Focusing on your known areas of excellence provides early wins without having to undertake a broader, more comprehensive certification.

Why Enter the Program

Engaging in Rated Outstanding certification can be used to:

  • Drive targeted employee satisfaction. Retain high value employees and enhance morale at a specific location.
  • Develop a model of excellence. Rated Outstanding certification of a location or mode of support provides a model of operational efficiency that can be replicated across various support channels or centers.
  • Focus executive attention. Drive executive awareness of a support center of excellence – or the need for more investment and/or centers of excellence.
  • Create a manageable quality recognition step. Initiate Rated Outstanding certification as part of a broader quality improvement program without overwhelming your staff.

How the Program Works

Your company can target Rated Outstanding certification by mode of support and/or center. Modes of support are the following:


  • Assisted: Remote phone, email and chat support
  • Self-Service: Web Portal unassisted support
  • Depot: Parts or whole unit repair or replace management
  • Field: On-site field service
  • Outsource: Managing outsource partners


The program utilizes TSIA’s unique industry leading practices for support operations and a third party audit process to determine certification eligibility.


Once certified, your organization can use the TSIA Rated Outstanding brand for one year in a variety of marketing channels – on packaging, in IVR messages, and in web and social media channels.