Excellence in Service Operations

TSIA’s Excellence in Service Operations program enables your company to recognize regional or global support operations. Audits by seasoned support professionals compare your current practices to the best in the industry, with an 80% threshold required for certification.


Representing the collective experience of more than 50 leading technology companies, over 300 industry best practices across six separate components of technology service and support are used in the certification.


    Why Enter the Program

    TSIA’s recognition of operational excellence helps:

    • Drive customer awareness. Recognition as a high quality support operation provides marketing with customer messages that validate the efficiency and quality of your support operations.
    • Create valid competitive differentiation. Third party recognition provides sales a valid differentiator they can use in sales proposals, side-by-side feature comparisons and support contract renewal.
    • Focus executive attention. Highlight for executives the support organization's role in protecting renewals and defending against price discount pressure.
    • Recognize support staff. Provide a platform for enhancing employee satisfaction, morale, and retention.


    How the Program Works

    Your company can participate in TSIA’s Excellence in Service Operations program to certify your entire support organization at a global or regional level. Certification is available in four geographies:


    • North America (US & Canada)
    • Latin America
    • Europe/Middle East/Africa
    • Asia-Pacific


    The program utilizes TSIA’s unique industry leading practices for support operations and a third party audit process to determine certification eligibility. Audits are in locations that represent at least 80% of your case volume. The scope covers the primary methods customers interact with your company for technical support:


    • Assisted: Remote phone, email  and chat support
    • Self-Service: Web Portal unassisted support
    • Depot: Parts or whole unit repair or replace management
    • Field: On-site field service
    • Outsource: Managing outsource partners


    Once certified, your organization can use the TSIA Excellence in Service Operations brand for one year in a variety of marketing channels: on packaging, in IVR messages, and in web and social media channels.