J.D. Power Certified Technology Service & Support

Certified Technology Service and Support

The TSIA and J.D. Power jointly developed Certified Technology Service and Support (CTSS) ProgramSM is aimed at giving your enterprise customers confidence in your support services before the purchasing decision. The CTSS program addresses the critical challenges that enterprise service organizations face in building recognition, with both your customers and executive management.

When you are ready to be recognized for your outstanding support operations as well as high CSAT scores, the CTSS program provides the external brand recognition necessary to give prospective customers persuasive evidence of the quality of your service and support.

Why Enter the Program

J.D. Power is a leading authority on customer satisfaction and their credibility will help your organization:

    • Defend support prices and protect margins. The competitive advantage of being an acknowledged support leader allows you to resist discounting and maintain your price margins. And it’s easy for the sales force to articulate.
    • Increase customer retention. Your company will realize higher levels of service renewals, longer-term support agreements, and increased repeat product purchases.
    • Gain market share. More and more product purchase decisions are being influenced by the support services that come with them.

    Only companies that have implemented world class support processes and rank in the top 20% in customer satisfaction scores for the technology industry can earn this prestigious certification.

    How the Program Works

    To achieve certification, all modes of support and service delivery are audited at locations that represent at least 80% of your support case volume.

    In addition, the CTSS program measures the level of excellence in delivering customer satisfaction. J.D. Power conducts Internet-based surveys with customers who have had a recent support experience, and then compares those results to their technology support industry customer satisfaction benchmark index. Your organization's customer satisfaction rating must be in the top 20th percentile of customer satisfaction scores to qualify for certification.

    Marketing CTSS

    Once you have achieved certification, you will have the option to license the J.D. Power brand for one year. During this time, you can incorporate the J.D. Power brand into your marketing activities, recognition programs, and sales toolkits.

    Certified member companies regularly market their CTSS certifications through approved:

      • Websites
      • Mailings to B2B customer and prospects
      • Advertising in trade magazines/newspapers
      • Banners in the support locations
      • Email signatures
      • Warranty and support guides
      • Sales tools
      • Trade shows