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Research Report

TSIA Case Study: The Power of the “Uptell” (Abridged)

Find out how Microsoft has mastered the art of the "uptell." 

Microsoft support engineers and advocates actively encourage and advise customers to utilize relevant features of their already-purchased products, or they show them resources and services which they were not aware of and would benefit from utilizing. Because the customer is not being asked to purchase anything new, and instead is being helped to find greater value in what they have already purchased, this type of interaction is referred to as an “uptell” rather than an “upsell.”

At Microsoft, this initiative is called the “Achieve More” program, and the resulting conversations over the past three years have been correlated with dramatically lower churn rates and higher customer satisfaction. In addition, it has helped transform their customer support organization from a traditional cost center to an actual profit driver to Microsoft’s top line. This abridged case study documents the history of the Achieve More program and talks about the basic motions that Microsoft took to make the program a success, and recounts the stunning results it has seen.

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TSIA Expand Selling research provides clear guidance on how to utilize services teams in the sales process for cost effective growth from existing customers. The full unabridged case study, available to subscribing members of TSIA's Expand Selling research practice, outlines the key success factors that have contributed to making such a clear impact, covers the important metrics and practices that led to the success of the Achieve More program, and provides guidance on how to establish a similar program with your own customer-facing teams.  The full body of Expand Selling research provides actionable guidance on how to leverage services teams to grow revenue without compromising their status as “trusted advisor.”

Authored By:

Steve Frost

Vice President, Expand Selling Research, TSIA

Publish Date: February 26, 2019

TSIA is well worth the investment. This is the one place where you can come and get a fusion of ideas that you can then marry up to the goals and objectives of your organization and boil that down into several actionable plans that you can implement over the next 6 months to a year.

Peg Rodarmel, SVP, Subscription Services, Infor

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