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The Implications of Consumption Economics for Service Technology Buyers

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TSIA’s leadership has just released their latest book, Consumption Economics, which documents the rapidly changing world of technology services, as on-premise technology moves to the cloud, and as up-front application and user license fees are replaced by micro-transactions. Consumption Economics is a must read for everyone in the technology services industry, serving as a rallying cry for service leadership to take action now to avoid being classified once again as a “cost center” as the market evolves.

As TSIA’s service technology expert, I advise member companies on available technology to improve specific operational, quality and financial metrics, as well as help companies select the "best fit" vendor for their needs. Consumption Economics has clear implications for technology buyers, and this report is an attempt to expand upon the trends and recommendation in the book in regard to services technology. In particular, the enormous responsibility that comes along with technology decisions as buying power shifts from IT to the business user, and a look at how companies are leveraging data analysis tools in early attempts to capitalize on user-level behavioral data, as the book recommends.

Authored By:

John Ragsdale

VP Research, Technology and Social, TSIA

Publish Date: November 2, 2015

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Peg Rodarmel, SVP, Subscription Services, Infor

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