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What Professional Services Strategy and Car Maintenance Have in Common


Aligning your professional services strategy with your overall company objectives is as critical as maintaining your car. It’s not hard to tell when your wheels are out of alignment – your car might drift to one side or your steering wheel might vibrate at high speeds. It’s the same with professional services strategy – you may experience setting unachievable financial targets or can’t figure out why you never get funding for critical investments. It’s as if you’re driving in one direction while the rest of the company is moving in another.

By stacking hands on your professional services strategy and charter with all external stakeholders, you can all begin driving in the same direction and achieving successful business outcomes. Once you’re aligned and have a clear set of KPIs to work toward, the financial and operational models will naturally fall into place.

The challenge is that most companies are not aligned, and they don’t put the right practices in place to become aligned. If that sounds like you, TSIA can help. Let's talk.

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