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2014 Technology Services Heatmap

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This report launches the 2014 TSIA Heatmap, an annual report tracking the adoption of technology and services by TSIA member companies. The Heatmap is based on the findings of the 2014 TSIA Global Technology Survey, which asked members what technology and services they are using, how satisfied they are with them, and in what areas they have plans for additional investments in 2014-2015.

Technology infrastructure is critical for operational success across service disciplines. Education services look to learning management systems to track enrollment, payment, and content delivery. Field services rely on automated scheduling and dispatch tools, as well as warehouse systems to manage spare parts inventory. High-performing professional services teams leverage professional services automation (PSA) to automate project resource management and create dashboards to track project execution. Support services take advantage of many technology platforms, including multichannel customer interaction tracking and knowledge management systems. Managed services invest in remote monitoring solutions to detect product issues at a customer site. Service revenue generation teams invest in recurring revenue management tools to manage and automate the renewal process. Other technologies, such as online communities, analytic platforms, and web collaboration, are used across service disciplines.

Service management should continually benchmark their adoption of technology against industry peers, as more sophisticated technology lends a competitive edge to service operations. In the 2014 Heatmap there were adoption gains in multiple areas, including analytics, customer relationship management, and intelligent search.

Authored By:

John Ragsdale

VP Research, Technology and Social, TSIA

Publish Date: May 5, 2014

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