Service Optimization Framework

Service Optimization Framework

TSIA has developed a comprehensive Service Optimization Framework that provides a well-defined management structure to enable service practitioners and leaders to run a cost, profit, and revenue-optimized services business.


It is against the Service Business challenges below that TSIA applies its research approach and resources to identify industry performance standards and best practices for achieving optimized business results.



Download the 2016 Service Capability Heatmap


The Service Optimization Framework identifies:

Management Areas

TSIA has identified eight core management categories that represent the common service management practice areas that all service organizations should have in place.


Service Capabilities

TSIA has defined over 140 service capabilities that map to the Management Areas. A capability is defined as the ability to perform actions that achieve desired results.


Service Business Challenges

TSIA maintains an inventory of hundreds of business challenges that service organizations commonly face. Linked directly to the Service Capabilities and Management Areas, Service Business Challenges are defined at a global level as well as at the focus area service discipline level.





Download the 2016 Service Capability Heatmap