Lessons Unlearned

John Ragsdale: Lessons Unlearned

John Ragsdale

VP Technology and Social Research, TSIA


Customer service is of particular importance to the technology industry; customers rely on technical support services when they have a problem with a piece of hardware, software, or a consumer device. Most people think of customer service as a department, and it's true—virtually every company has some sort of customer service division. But customer service is also a technology industry all on its own, with a wide array of software and hardware required to support customers with product and service questions. Lessons Unlearned gives an insider's view of the customer service industry, providing insight for those of you battling mediocre service every day. If you understand the tools, vocabulary, and metrics that power customer service, you can definitely demand better service from your providers, and understand how to appropriately deal with service issues. And for those already working in the customer service industry, this book will provide you with some new best practices, worst practices to avoid, and maybe even a laugh or two along the way.


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Critical Praise for Lessons Unlearned

"Ragsdale masterfully weaves together a collection of poignant and colorful stories from his practitioner, analyst, and vendor experiences in customer services. Whether a novice or expert, this is a must-read book for those seeking a holistic view."


R. “Ray” Wang
Principal Analyst and CEO, Constellation Research


"Over the past 20 years, John Ragsdale has become the definitive authority on technology services. His real-world experience coupled with his never-ending focus on the future of services has allowed him to share all of this knowledge with us. If you are anywhere near a tech support center, then you must read Lessons Unlearned, and then read it again. Learn from Ragsdale’s experience and set your course for a future in technology services."


Bill Rose
CEO, Bill Rose I.N.C.


"Lessons Unlearned captures insightful analysis and practical advice about the most pressing business issues impacting the customer service industry today—an industry that has been greatly transformed by technology. Ragsdale does an excellent job of adapting his 25-plus years of industry experience to deliver strategies for improving the customer experience, discussing the very best in industry practices, as well as the pitfalls to avoid along the way."


Tom Kelly
President and CEO, Moxie Software


"Lessons Unlearned offers an insightful, unique perspective on the art of customer support—people, processes, and technology—and shows how they can be leveraged to drive competitive advantage. Powerful, analytical information and best practices combined with humorous, insightful personal experiences makes this a must-read for anyone interested in improving their customer interactions."


Anthony (T.J.) Felice
President, ISOdx Solutions