Complexity Avalanche

JB Wood: Complexity Avalanche

J.B. Wood

President and CEO, TSIA


Most customers struggle to keep up, and usually settle for far less value than they could (and should) get from their purchases. A new business model for the tech industry is needed—one that requires radically different thinking about the future of services, sales, R&D priorities, and how companies create shareholder value. This new way of doing business views the use of the product as the beginning of a journey with a customer, not the end. The growing consumption gap caused by the avalanche of complexity that these companies have unleashed on their customers is undermining feature-based differentiation as a competitive advantage. Results-based differentiation actually measured by customers may be the next Big Thing in tech. Complexity Avalanche offers technology companies a roadmap for moving to this next level of services. This is not a book strictly for service executives, but for every executive whose company builds, sells, or supports technology.

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Critical Praise for Complexity Avalanche

“Especially in B2B tech markets, it is key to get the dynamics of the complex interplay of products and services right. Underinvest in services, and you create a consumption gap; overinvest, and you block the partner ecosystem from extending your reach. Invest too late, and you miss the adoption window; invest too long, and you trap yourself in a high-cost model. Complexity Avalanche outlines a clear and innovative path through this set of wickets.”


Geoffrey Moore
Author of Crossing the Chasm, Inside the Tornado,
Dealing with Darwin, and Escape Velocity


“Helping customers to close the consumption gap and get the full value of their solutions will be foundational to the success of any technology company. Complexity Avalanche provides breakthrough thinking in the utilization of service resources to effectively optimize customer and shareholder value.”


William Steenburgh
Senior Vice President, Xerox Services


“Wood insightfully captures what the next-generation customer relationship is all about—services. Finding a source of competitive differentiation is today’s Rosetta Stone, and Complexity Avalanche is a road map for any company looking to win.”


Ron Ricci
Vice President, Corporate Positioning, Cisco Systems
Author, Momentum: How Companies Become Unstoppable Forces


“Health care customers are demanding new services to increase the utilization and effectiveness of their medical devices. Complexity Avalanche provides a guide for executives to build the value-added services that will soon be a requirement of market leaders.”


Greg Sebasky
Senior Vice President and CEO, Global Customer Services, Philips Healthcare