Support Services Benchmark

A core deliverable of membership in the Support Services discipline is a comparison of member companies’ practices, metrics, and business results to other companies in the industry in nine core modules:

  1. Demographics, covering business type, geography, and market segment revenue mix.
  2. Support Fundamentals, covering customer-to-support personnel ratio, length of warranty, and social media tools and metrics.
  3. Service Financials, covering corporate allocations, cost per chat incident, and revenue-to-customer ratio.
  4. Talent Management, covering involuntary attrition rate, labor rates (by level), and training days per year.
  5. Customer Satisfaction, covering support rep CSAT compensation, annual survey response rates, and average CSAT scores.
  6. Sales and Marketing, covering average discount amount, initial attach rate, and renewal rate.
  7. Assisted Support, covering incident-to-employee ratio, quality monitoring methods, and web service portal response time.
  8. Self-Help, covering dedicated knowledge authors, deflection rate, and forum monitoring.
  9. Outsourced Service Management, covering standard operating procedures, SLAs, and cost savings.
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