Service Revenue Generation Benchmark

The Service Revenue Generation (SRG) Benchmark Studies focus on the sales and marketing capabilities that optimize the growth of recurring revenues. Companies typically deploy one or more of the following recurring revenue models:

  1. Subscription Plans for Cloud Computing Technology: Subscription plans allow customers to access your cloud or hosted technology. Examples are Software-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, or Infrastructure-as-a-Service. You may also offer a subscription plan to customers who install your technology on their premises and they pay you monthly, quarterly, or annually to access your technology (they pay over time instead of upfront). In this benchmark study, we also cover support services that are associated with your subscription plans.
  2. Maintenance & Support Contracts for On-premise Technology: If your technology is installed on the customer's premises, then it's highly likely that you also offer maintenance and support contracts to support the technology. Depending on whether you offer hardware and/or software, these contracts may include access to support services, software updates, and/or repair of equipment. Maintenance and support contracts are typically an annual or multi-year contract.

A core deliverable of membership in the Service Revenue Generation discipline is a comparison of member companies' practices, metrics, and business results to other companies in the industry.

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