Managed Services Benchmark

A core deliverable of membership in the Managed Services discipline is a comparison of member companies' practices, metrics, and business results to other companies in the industry in seven core modules:

  1. Company Profile, including markets and industries served, LOB revenue distribution, investment priorities, and sales profile.
  2. Services Organization Profile, including service portfolio revenue distribution and growth rates, gross margin, and operating profit by service line.
  3. Managed Services Profile, including corporate allocations, gross margin, operating profit, and organization structure.
  4. Offer Details, including offer structure, standard versus custom, value propositions, market segment adoption, and relation to support services/maintenance.
  5. Selling and Marketing, including sales team structure, go-to-market strategy, channel distribution, contracting, compensation, quoting methodology, and quote-to-delivery cycle time.
  6. Delivery, including organization structure, process alignment (such as ITIL), SLA governance, delivery tools/platforms, and outsourcing/subcontracting.
  7. Business Operations, including P&L governance, revenue forecasting, cost versus expense, vendor/supplier management, and MSA/SOW governance.
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