Education Services Benchmark

A core deliverable of membership in the Education Services discipline is a comparison of member companies' practices, metrics, and business results to other companies in the industry in 10 modules:

    1. Company Profile, Markets/industries served, revenue distribution, number of ES employees, ES rev, ES growth.
    2. Business Model, Corporate allocations, gross margin, operating profit, revenue growth rates, and strategy.
    3. Customer Experience, CSAT compensation practices and ILT and e-learning offerings evaluation processes.
    4. Sales & Marketing, Attach rate, deal size, go-to-market, purchase models, discount rates, marketing budget.
    5. Delivery, Average teach days, billable/non-billable time, revenue per instructor, delivery resource mix.
    6. Operations, Classroom utilization, facility rental practices, fill rates, LMS usage, service automation.
    7. Partner Management, Training partner revenue model, partner identification, qualification, and evaluation processes.
    8. Content Development, Time to develop content, cost to develop content, percentage staff in development, percentage ILT/eL content.
    9. Product Alignment, Education services engagement in product development, product feedback process, and product roadmap policies.
    10. Certification, Certification revenue, exam administration practices, recertification requirements, price points, percentage staff in cert.
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