Customer Success Benchmark

A core deliverable of membership in the Customer Success discipline is a comparison of member companies’ practices, metrics, and business results to other companies in the industry in nine core modules:

  1. Demographics, covering business type, geography, and market segment revenue mix.
  2. Customer Success Fundamentals, covering customer-to-CSM personnel ratio, CMS core charter (Adopter, Retainer, Expander), Business Strategy, Communication Tools, Cross Collaboration, Key Performance Metrics.
  3. Core Financials, covering fee based Customer Success offerings, gross margin, Growth Rates, Cost Categories, Funding model.
  4. Talent Management, covering span of Control Ratios, CSM Labor rates, Compensation, Training days, Attrition, key performance measurements.
  5. Customer Satisfaction covering CSAT compensation, Annual survey response rates, and average CSAT scores, NPS scores, CES scores, adoption frameworks, onboarding activities.
  6. Sales and Marketing, covering renewal rates, churn rates, expansion rates.
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