How to Be Profitable in the Cloud

The Cloud forces companies to rethink many of the strategic fundamentals of the traditional tech business model. TSIA research and data gets you there faster.


Cloud Computing Key Trends

TSIA has been studying the success and failure of the cloud business model for more than five years. And while most first-generation cloud companies are unprofitable, we believe it’s possible to enjoy both rapid growth AND profits in the cloud. We can show you the proven path.



Unlike traditional tech companies, cloud computing companies continue to grow with 21% average revenue growth.



Investors reward XaaS companies with market capitalizations that are on average 5X revenues.



Although most 1st generation XaaS business models are not yet profitable, our cloud playbook shows you how to be.

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Take Your First Step Toward Profitability

Technology-as-a-Service Playbook: How to Grow a Profitable Subscription Business is a recently published TSIA book that will help guide your decision-making and execution around the as-a-service model to put your company on the right path to profitable growth.

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About TSIA

We are a research and advisory firm with board-ready research on profitable business models so you can make informed decisions when transitioning to cloud offerings.