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Focus Area: Service Revenue Generation

Technology companies today are searching for revenue growth. Service revenues are receiving heightened attention from the C-suite. So it is an unprecedented time in the history of the technology industry for service revenues to contribute to overall company growth.

The Service Revenue Generation discipline focuses its research on the sales and marketing practices that drive optimal revenue growth across the following recurring revenues:

  • Subscription plans for XaaS business models.
  • Maintenance and support contracts.
  • Managed service contracts.

There are five trends and evolutions occurring with recurring revenues:

  1. Intensify the optimization of renewal rates.
  2. Maximize the sale of support services at point of technology sale.
  3. Shift from free to fee-based support/adoption services in cloud computing models.
  4. Create compelling value propositions for premium support offers in both cloud and on-premise models.
  5. Evolve from product-attached services to outcome-based offers, with a special focus on monetizing high-value adoption services.

TSIA's service revenue generation (SRG) discipline addresses these market realities and focuses on how to optimize the performance of a recurring services revenue business.

Top Service Business Challenges

TSIA conducts extensive research so you don't have to. Our detailed analysis of the industry has identified a top set of service revenue generation business issues that we address through our research programs. Topics include renewal sales and marketing best practices, monetizing fee-based services, revenue expansion, pricing, and much more. View the SRG Top Business Challenges ▶

Meet the Research Expert

Julia Stegman is vice president of research, leading TSIA's efforts in industry benchmarking, research, and thought leadership in the area of service revenue generation. Who is TSIA? Download our CV

Free Research Report  2017 Tech Stack Report: Service Revenue Generation  Support contract revenues are a significant contributor to overall total  company revenue. Get the insights and trends that are positively impacting  support contract offerings and renewals in 2017.     Download Report

SRG Advisory Board

An elite group of professionals who possess deep expertise in service revenue generation advise TSIA executive management on how best to deliver relevant programs, research, and events to its members.

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