Focus Area: Professional Services

The macro-level forces and trends that TSIA has identified are clearly beginning to present themselves in professional services businesses. Changing technology product consumption patterns (big data, on demand, cloud platforms) are bringing about substantial new pressures on services economics, organizational models, service offering types, pricing models, required skills, delivery approaches, and more. That said, the changes happening in technology professional services are not happening uniformly across the industry, or even uniformly within PS organizations. This means that most tried and true, traditional PS capabilities remain important for PS leaders.

Top Service Business Challenges

TSIA conducts extensive research so you don't have to. Our detailed analysis of the industry has identified a top set of professional services business issues that we address through our research programs. Topics include improving product margins, PS financial performance, PMO best practices, resourcing and compensation, and much more. View the PS Top Business Challenges ▶

Meet the Research Expert

Bo Di Muccio, Ph.D., is the vice president of research and advisory services for TSIA, and the chairperson of the TSIA Professional Services Advisory Board. Who is TSIA? Download our CV

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