TSIA Strategic Services: Speaking and Workshops

TSIA executives are the world's most influential speakers on the future of services. Request a Strategic Services engagement with a TSIA executive to help accelerate your path to your service business outcomes.

Available TSIA Executives and Topics

JB WoodJB Wood
President and CEO

  • The Playbook for Profitable XaaS: Get Profitable in the Cloud
  • B4B Leadership Alignment: Innovating the Customer-Supplier Relationship
  • The Three Pillars of a Winning Tech Value Proposition: Services, Software and Business Outcomes
  • LAER Coverage Model: Rethinking Sales & Service Models
  • Consumption Economics: The Impact of XaaS Business Models on Big Tech

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Thomas LahThomas Lah
Executive Director

  • The Playbook for Profitable XaaS: Get Profitable in the Cloud
  • Outcome Engineering: Delivering Customer Value at Scale
  • Customer Success at Scale: Adoption and Beyond
  • B4B Leadership Alignment: Innovating the Customer-Supplier Relationship
  • Driving Customer Adoption: Aligning for Customer Success
  • XaaS Financial Models: The Science and Success of Premium Offers
  • The Blurring of Sales and Services: Unlocking New Customer Revenue
  • The Next Generation Technology Services Portfolio: Innovating Offer Development
  • LAER Coverage Model: Rethinking Sales & Service Models

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René GrossriederRené Grossrieder
Senior Vice President, Global Membership and Partner Development

  • LAER Model (Land, Adopt, Expand, Renew) execution, tactics and strategy
  • Leveraging services to drive effective sales motions
  • Global Channel Development
  • XaaS impact on sales structure, compensation and revenue generation
  • Data analytic frameworks for effective sales execution and hygiene
  • Sales operations and go to market models

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Phil NanusPhil Nanus
VP Research, Customer Success

Customer Success Topics

  • Establishing Customer Success Teams
  • Scaling & Optimizing Customer Success Teams
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Customer Success Maturity Assessment

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Maria Manning-ChapmanMaria Manning-Chapman
VP Research, Education Services

Education Services Topics

  • The Education Services Strategy Block
  • Pricing Strategy – The Free-to-Fee Continuum
  • Building a Subscription Offer
  • Education Services Strategy
  • Education Services Adoption Strategy

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Vele GalovskiVele Galovski
VP Research, Field Services

Field Services Topics

  • Crafting Differentiated Field Service Offers
  • Outcome Engineering
  • The What, Who, How and Why of Field Service Adoption
  • Smart Services for Smart Products: How the Internet of Things Affects Industrial Equipment
  • TSIA Point of View
  • How to Achieve Your Strategic Plan
  • Spare Parts Logistics: From the Pony Express to Same-Day Delivery
  • Service Delivery Channel Optimization

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George HumphreyGeorge Humphrey
VP Research, Managed Services

Managed Services Topics

  • Kickstarting Managed Services
  • Managed Services Offer Maturity Assessment
  • Managed Services Sales Maturity Assessment
  • Managed Services LAER
  • Managed Services and "The Cloud"

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Bo Di MuccioBo Di Muccio
VP Research, Professional Services

Professional Services Topics

  • Professional Services Strategy
  • Professional Services Delivery Optimization
  • The Impact of XaaS on Professional Services
  • What Best in Class Professional Services Looks Like
  • How to Make Professional Services a LAER Engine
  • Optimizing Resource Management
  • Structuring Professional Services Organizations
  • Utilization Accelerator
  • Professional Services Sales Optimization

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Julia StegmanJulia Stegman
VP Research, Service Revenue Generation

Service Revenue Generation Topics

  • Support Portfolio Optimization
  • Applying Renewal Pacesetter Practices
  • Monetizing Support & Adoption in XaaS Models
  • Outcome-based Service Offer Development
  • Utilizing Pricing as a Growth Lever

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Judith PlatzJudith Platz
VP Research, Customer Success & Support Services

Support Services Topics

  • Transforming Support Organizations
  • Support Services Knowledge Management
  • Support Services Talent
  • Motivating Support Services Teams
  • Building Best-in-Class Support Service Organizations
  • Support Channel Delivery Best Practices
  • Proactive Engagement Models
  • Best-in-Class Voice of Customer Programs

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John RagsdaleJohn Ragsdale
VP Research, Technology and Social

Technology and Social Topics

  • Optimizing Knowledge Management
  • Social Support: Online Communities and Social Media Channels
  • Customer Engagement Strategies: Multichannel and Self-Service Support
  • The Mobile Enterprise
  • Automating Professional Services
  • Service Technology Adoption and Spending Trends

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Jeremy DalleTezze
Senior Director Research, Data Analytics

Data Analytics Topics

  • Consumption Analytics Framework: Strategy and Tactics
  • Technology and Staffing
  • Assessing Readiness and Planning Analytic Projects
  • Scoping Data Challenge
  • Analytics as a Service
  • Success Plays and KPIs to Achieve Specific Outcomes
  • Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

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Harald Kopp
Director Research, Industrial Services

Industrial Services and IoT Topics

  • Successful Business Models in the age of IoT/Industrial Internet/Industry 4.0
  • From B2B to B4B – Consumption and Business Models of the future
  • Smart Products Need Smart Services: How IoT/Industry 4.0 Affects Industrial Equipment
  • Growing Service Revenues in Industrial Equipment Industries
  • Adoption and Outcome offers in Industrial Equipment
  • State of Services in Industrial Equipment Industries

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