Date: October 21, 2015

Author: Kelley Jarrett - Blackbaud, Inc.


Join TSIA Vision Award Winner, Blackbaud's Success Services, to hear a detailed account of their UpServe Initiative where you’ll take away key tactics to launching or improving your expand selling program.

UpServe is a term borrowed from the book To Sell is Human by Daniel Pink that supports the expand selling movement in a way that benefits customers and companies alike. For Blackbaud, UpServe began as a movement in professional services that has since been operationalized and expanded across the entire services and client success life cycle as a program designed to recommend services when clients need them, ensuring adoption, customer success, and services business expansion.

The initiative began in response to Blackbaud’s shift to consumption-based pricing, where there is a growing need for services that drive client outcomes. These services are often best identified and positioned not by the sales staff, but by the “boots on the ground” services professionals that work closely with clients during the time of software implementation and adoption.

Through program implementation, goal setting, and change management, Blackbaud infiltrated the UpServe mentality within the professional services department, leading to strong financial results and ensuring clients’ continued success. In this session, we'll show you program details, lessons learned, change management tactics, and results so that you can implement the UpServe mentality in your services or client success organization, too!

Applicable Disciplines:
Expand Selling

Growing Customers, Services Transformation, Customer Success, B4B, Business Outcomes

Functional Areas:
Operations,Service Delivery,Strategy