Date: January 27, 2015

Author: John Ragsdale

The results of TSIA’s 2015 Social Support Survey are in, documenting the adoption and maturity of supporting customers via social interactions. While adoption of online support communities is very high, with mature communities demonstrating immense value, interacting with customers via social media channels has yet to become a prevailing practice with enterprise technology firms. According to the survey, 40% of high-tech support organizations are offering some sort of product support via social media channels, down from 46% last year. Companies taking the plunge into the social world are beefing up programs, with service level agreements becoming more common, response times meeting customer expectations, and supported channels expanding. But companies continue to struggle with a number of obstacles, with a lack of internal resources topping the list of challenges for the third year. This report highlights the findings of the survey for both online support communities and supporting customers via popular social media channels.

Applicable Disciplines:
Education Services,Field Services,Professional Services,Service Revenue Generation-Recurring,Managed Services,Support Services,Customer Success

Social Media Support Programs, Social Media Channels, Operational Issues, Interaction Volumes, Internal Service Level Agreements, SLAs, Social Media Tracking, Social Media obstacles, Social Media Training, Response Resolution Times

Functional Areas:
Marketing,Operations,Service Delivery,Strategy

Consumer Technologies,Enterprise IT and Telecommunications,Healthcare and Healthcare IT,Industrial Equipment,Other