Date: May 05, 2015

Author: Bharat Chadda - Sutherland Global Services


With the change from a desktop/On-Prem sale to the cloud/Subscription based sale of products and services, it has become imperative to delighting the customer across all stages of the customer life cycle. Hence an outstanding customer experience and retention of customer has become a necessity than a nice to do activity. Hear Sutherland – a leader in the customer management space with over 30 years heritage share how they have seen this evolve and what they are doing to help technology clients overcome this challenges in the new B2B world- and how this has been implemented by Microsoft across their customer base as they have moved to becoming a cloud and Mobile first company.

Applicable Disciplines:
Professional Services,Service Revenue Generation-Recurring,Customer Success

Business Outcomes, Customer Success

Functional Areas:
Service Delivery