Evolving Technical Services to Drive Adoption and Deliver Outcomes

Date: May 06, 2015

Author: Joe Pinto - Cisco Systems


Under Joe Pinto’s leadership, Cisco’s Technical Services organization has consistently delivered high-quality service to customers and industry-leading margins to Cisco. This firm conviction in doing what’s right for the customer AND what’s right for the business is fueling Technical Services’ next wave of innovation. As the market shifts toward consumption-based business models, some see risk to the relevance and economics of traditional technical support. This can lead to a “wait and see” approach. But Cisco is doing the opposite—they’re taking the plunge and evolving the organization to drive customer adoption and deliver customers’ business outcomes. In this keynote address, Joe will describe how Technical Services is implementing the B4B framework by simultaneously optimizing the Level 1 and Level 2 operating models AND building the capabilities, the offers, and business models to deliver on Levels 3 and 4. He’ll describe tangible elements of their approach, such as pivoting on the customer experience, learning through experimentation, and building internal alignment. Joe will share learnings, debunk a few myths, and describe why he believes services is more essential than ever to customer success and profitable growth.

Applicable Disciplines:
Education Services,Field Services,Professional Services,Service Revenue Generation-Recurring,Managed Services,Support Services,Expand Selling,Customer Success

Business Outcomes, Customer Success

Functional Areas:
Service Delivery