Date: October 21, 2015

Author: Randy Mysliviec - RTM Consulting,
Vele Galovski - Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA)


Every technology company builds hardware with reliability in mind. Reality is that stuff breaks, and when it does, field services teams come to the rescue with spare parts and repair services to get the customer up and running again. Managing parts in all respects--availability, reliability, predictive diagnostics, technician competency and availability, and costs are all necessary but challenging, and ultimately have an impact on the customer experience and adoption. A recently released TSIA report on spare parts management reveals this discipline remains an area for improvement with TSIA members, and is an opportunity to contribute to a better customer experience, greater adoption of solutions, and ultimately, growth of revenue and profit. 

In this highly interactive workout session, Vele Galovski and Randy Mysliviec will lead and facilitate a discussion on best practices in spare parts management and the impact on outcome-based service offers. 

Applicable Disciplines:
Field Services

Growing Customers, Services Transformation, Customer Success, B4B, Business Outcomes

Functional Areas:
Operations,Service Delivery,Strategy