Selling in a B4B World and Recurring Revenue Economy

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Date: November 05, 2013

Author: J.B. Wood
Ashley Stirrup
J.B. Wood
President and CEO
Ashley Stirrup
SVP, Product and Solutions Marketing
ServiceSource - ServiceSource


The standard B2B operating model was designed to optimize a supplier's "push" of prepackaged products to customers via large, up-front deals. Today, the cloud, big-data and other market forces are creating a new pay-as-you-go, Recurring Revenue Economy -- or B4B. For technology companies to successfully make this transformation, they must land and expand within their existing customer base in three key areas:

  1. Transforming the sales culture
  2. New approaches and technology for managing customer data
  3. Driving sales best practices to sell outcomes and ongoing value

Join J.B. Wood, TSIA's President and CEO and Ashley Stirrup, SVP, Product and Solutions Marketing at ServiceSource to learn how this shift is affecting Today's technology companies, the opportunities for growth and the specific steps companies can take today to effectively sell and succeed.

In this informative webinar, they will cover these topics:

  • What is B4B and how does this change the supplier and customer relationship?
  • How is this shift affecting technology companies?
  • What can technology companies do today to make the shift?

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Applicable Disciplines:
Service Revenue Generation-Recurring,Support Services

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