Date: May 05, 2015

Author: Neil Jain - Waterstone Management Group,
George Church - Bentley Systems,
DeWayne McNally - BMC Software

The definition of what constitutes customer success is broad. At its essence, customer success ensures that users adopt the technology and are able to quickly and measurably derive value from it. While the definition is simple, the transformation required to ensure success is significant and touches on all aspects of the post-sale customer interaction, from account management, professional services, and support, to renewals and upsell. Despite all of the recent buzz and activity around customer success, technology executives are still struggling to get started--deciding how to apply customer success within their company and getting initiatives funded and launched. To assist technology providers on their journey to become more customer-centric, get practical advice around key customer success priorities from companies that are on the journey.

Applicable Disciplines:
Customer Success

Business Outcomes, Customer Success

Functional Areas:
Service Delivery