Date: October 21, 2015

Author: Kathleen Down-Logan - Cisco Systems

The emergence of software-based networking and the evolution of support toward a proactive, data-centric, model focused on adoption services presented a challenge to our company:
  • How to build software skills among support engineers, while also remaining focused on customer satisfaction and effective problem resolution in the traditional support model.
  • How to learn these skills faster than our customers and partners so we can lead them through the same transformation.
  • And while building these skills, move “beyond the fix,” from reactive to proactive to preemptive support.

In response to this challenge, by using a catalytic approach to ignite the innovative spirit, we have:
  • Established a scalable innovation and automation platform for technical services engineers.
  • Accelerated the self-acquisition and value-add usage of software scripting skills.
  • Initiated the use of analytics to deliver proactive support.
  • Measured an exponential increase in customer time saved on impacted customer service requests.

Applicable Disciplines:
Managed Services

Growing Customers, Services Transformation, Customer Success, B4B, Business Outcomes

Functional Areas:
Operations,Service Delivery,Strategy