Consolidating Knowledge Management, Content Management, Communities, and More

Date: October 19, 2015

Author: John Ragsdale

What is the role of the traditional knowledgebase (KB) in the age of online communities and Google? In this report, TSIA makes the case that the traditional KB continues to be a critical store for tacit knowledge, but there are also other sources of valuable content. Companies need to find a way to consolidate access to all of these sources of information to streamline knowledge access and consumption, providing a significant impact to employee productivity and customer self-service success. Executives should identify useful content stores—both inside and outside the company—and engineer a "virtual knowledgebase," providing one-stop access to all of this information.

Applicable Disciplines:
Field Services,Managed Services,Support Services

knowledge, knowledge management, KM, knowledgebase, knowledge base, KB, search, enterprise search, intelligent search, communities, social media, content management, content management systems, CMS

Functional Areas:
Operations,Service Delivery

Consumer Technologies,Enterprise IT and Telecommunications,Healthcare and Healthcare IT,Industrial Equipment