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Date: October 19, 2015

Author: Thomas Lah

This Service Insight provides a framework TSIA members can use to move the concept of outcome engineering forward in their companies. It helps answer the following questions:
  • How can we identify the specific business outcomes we can help our customers achieve?
  • How can we identify all the activities required to achieve target outcomes?
  • How can we make sure customers do their required part in achieving target outcomes?
  • How will we scale outcome offers?
  • How can we assess our ability to conduct outcome engineering?

Applicable Disciplines:
Education Services,Field Services,Professional Services,Service Revenue Generation-Recurring,Managed Services,Support Services,Expand Selling,Customer Success

Outcome Engineering, Success Science, Outcome Chains

Functional Areas:
Engineering,Finance,Human Resources,Marketing,Operations,Partner Management,Professor,Research,Sales,Service Delivery,Strategy,Student,Training

Consumer Technologies,Enterprise IT and Telecommunications,Healthcare and Healthcare IT,Industrial Equipment,Other