Date: October 20, 2015

Author: Kevin Kenny - Sutherland Global Services,
Bill Schroeher - Blackboard Inc.


As technology changes and products become increasingly complex, clients are prepared to deal with certain challenges. But, in a world of high expectations – what happens when we cross the acceptable threshold and the pressure is on during peak season?

In this session, we’ll discuss how Blackboard, a leading Education Technology company, partnered with Sutherland Global Services to drive client satisfaction and retention. You will hear how Blackboard and Sutherland captured critical feedback from their customers and formulated various process improvements to turn Blackboard’s client support organization into a unique value-addition for education institutions.

Join Bill Schroeher, VP of Client Support at Blackboard and Kevin Kenny, VP of the Technology Vertical at Sutherland Global Services, who will lead the presentation on the driving force to partner and the resulting value added customer experience through Enterprise capability.

Applicable Disciplines:
Education Services,Professional Services,Managed Services,Support Services

Growing Customers, Services Transformation, Customer Success, B4B, Business Outcomes

Functional Areas:
Operations,Service Delivery,Strategy