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Conference Presentation

Creating Differentiated Field Service Offers for XaaS

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Join us for an interactive breakout on the best practices for differentiating your field service offers for XaaS. This session will include the following topics presented by three Service Executives: The steps PerkinElmer is taking in the development of their next generation offers, Insights from Varian Medical Systems on the impact of implementing a Predictive Analysis tool, how it drive changes to the service organization and how the financials could be affected. How Value and Pricing Partners’ PriceSightTM Research Process has helped organizations build meaningful differentiation into their offers. Using Predictive Analysis to Support a Strong Service Model Presented by David Bisciotti, Varian Medical Systems With the advent of IOT and Remote Monitoring most organizations are looking into expanding their capabilities in many areas. One of these areas, Predictive Analysis, continues to excite and bewilder organizations. Implementing a good analysis tool brings with it some changes to the organization, some unexpected. This session aims to provide a high level look at the impact of implementing a Predictive Analysis tool, how it drive changes to the service organization and how the financials could be affected.Pricing Differentiated Field ServicesPresented by Tim Matanovich, Value and Pricing Partners In a XaaS environment, customers become less willing to pay for essential services. To grow revenues, your services need to be viewed as value adding, i.e. differentiated, directly linked to desired outcomes and willingness to pay. Do that well, and pricing opportunities can be sizable. We will look at a leading edge research process that, when coupled with differentiated offers, is permitting companies to capture prices 100% higher than managers initially thought they could.

Presented By:

Timothy Matanovich

President, Value and Pricing Partners

David Bisciotti

VP, Customer Service, Varian Medical Systems

Gary Grecsek

VP, OneSource Laboratory Services, PerkinElmer

Publish Date: May 4, 2016

TSIA is well worth the investment. This is the one place where you can come and get a fusion of ideas that you can then marry up to the goals and objectives of your organization and boil that down into several actionable plans that you can implement over the next 6 months to a year.

Peg Rodarmel, SVP, Subscription Services, Infor

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