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The new tech mantra is all about delivering business outcomes to customers. It seems obvious, yet this has not been the traditional rallying cry within our industry. Instead, we’ve spent decades perfecting the model of matching product features and capabilities to customer tasks and processes. Certainly, this has benefited customers and suppliers alike, helping us achieve unprecedented levels of productivity and efficiency in managing core business functions. But in today’s age of results, we at TSIA would argue that while this approach is still necessary, it is no longer sufficient.

4 Ways You Can Begin Delivering Customer Outcomes

Tech companies are racing towards a new goal­­—the ability to systematically deliver customer outcomes in the form of meaningful and measurable business impacts. At first blush, it’s a deceptively simple idea. But the devil is in the details, and in this case, it’s in the details of executing against this new paradigm.

In his recent TSW keynote, TSIA Executive Director Thomas Lah outlined the four key fundamentals of TSIA's Outcome Engineering model that provides a structured approach for how technology companies can deliver business outcomes and achieve the status of a Level 4 supplier as defined in TSIA’s book, B4B.

The four key concepts covered in Lah’s speech entitled, Outcome Engineering, include:

  1. Applying the right Outcome Engineering (OE) framework
  2. Focusing on delivering the right target outcomes
  3. Engaging with the right customers
  4. Leveraging the right Outcome Engineering tools

Learn more about Outcome Engineering by watching the keynote video. We also invite you to download Lah’s recent research paper on this subject.

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