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Today is the final day of Technology Services World, and so far this has been a fantastic event. Today we had several more rounds of breakout sessions and panel discussions before the closing lunch keynote. I just received the session counts for yesterday, which had sessions running from 8:30 AM to 5:15 PM, plus cocktails in the TSW | EXPO. I did a quick count and we had 60 separate sessions yesterday—that’s a lot of content!

With so many topics to pick from, I always like to report on what the top attended sessions were for the day. Clearly, attendees vote with their feet on the topics that interest them, so these top 5 sessions are a great barometer of trends and interest areas of technology firms. 

#1: "From On-Prem to Cloud: The Story Behind Adobe's Transformation and the Positive Impact of Customer Success"

Presented by Katie Hingle, Sr. Director, Consumer and Business Sales Programs, Adobe Systems; Allison Pickens, Chief Customer Officer, Gainsight; and Nick Mehta, CEO, Gainsight.

In the many years I’ve been writing up top attended sessions, our partner case study track always has several sessions in the top 5. Companies love to hear from their peers how technology or services are helping them improve their game or transform the organization, and this year’s top attended session is no exception. I’ve had a lot of discussions this week about customer success technology, with a few members telling me I need to pay more attention to the basic blocking and tackling of customer success more than advanced machine learning, so stay tuned for more on that in my “What I heard at TSW” blog coming next week. Congratulations to Adobe and Gainsight for creating such a compelling session!

#2: "Operational Innovation to Improve Service and Support Growth: Profiles in Success"

Presented by Tim Rondeau, Senior Director, Player Support, Activision; Shachar Feldman, VP, Services, NICE Systems; and Bharat Chadda, Global Head and SVP, Technology Vertical, Sutherland.

I knew this session—another partner case study session—would make it in the top attended list. Not only did Sutherland grab the highest number of attendees of any session at last fall’s TSW in Las Vegas, but A.) They had an amazing topic, B.) Tim Rondeau is a longtime TSIA members with a lot of fans, and C.) NICE Systems is a leader in customer experience software, so when they give away secrets to their success, people listen. These were both impressive case studies, so be sure to download the slides from the TSW App, or from our website (will be available within the next week).

#3: "Customer Outcomes: Value-Based Playbooks That Increase Revenue, Adoption, and Advocacy"

Presented by Irit Eizips, Chief Executive Officer, CSM Practice; and David Kocher, Customer Engagement Leader, GE Digital.

Clearly creating and managing customer success teams is a major interest area for members, and this session focused on introducing outcome selling practices for sales, a major transition for many companies. GE Digital is doing some really impressive things, and I’m very happy they had this opportunity to share their story, and glad they had such a large audience. And a shout out to Irit from CSM Practice, one of our Consulting Alliance Partners, for bringing this story to TSW.

#4: "Building the Ultimate Customer Portal"

Presented by Judith Platz, VP Research, Support Services, TSIA; Oliver Allabauer, VP, Support, Tricentis; Jim Roth, VP, Support Operations, Dell EMC; David Dibert, AVP, Global Support, BroadSoft.

Having spent a tremendous amount of time working with members on portal overhauls over the last year, I’m not surprised to see this session make the top five list. And what a great opportunity to hear from member companies Tricentis, Dell EMC, and Broadsoft, who each have truly “best of breed” self-service implementations. Thanks to Judi for pulling this together and letting these members share their expertise.

#5: "Maximizing Revenue Opportunities by Bridging Services and Sales"

Presented by Danielle Miller, Customer Success Strategist, Miller Heiman Group; Barbara Geraghty, Sales Performance Executive, Miller Heiman Group; Phill Rosenzweig, Sr. Account Executive, Miller Heiman Group.

I had a chat with Phill and team when they were working on their session topic, and I was very pleased they were bringing some of the amazing IP from Miller Heiman Group on sales to our TSIA members. Very happy they got a good crowd. If your company is struggling to make the leap from service to sales, please check out the wealth of training opportunities MHG, one of TSIA’s longest running partners, has to offer.

Thanks to all the presenters for all their hard work. If you weren’t able to attend these sessions, check for the slides on the TSW App, or on the TSIA website in the next week or so. I’ll be back next week with some thoughts on “What I heard at TSW.” Until then, I wish all of our attendees a safe trip home, and as always, thanks for reading.

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