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At TSIA, we are dedicated to helping technology services organizations of all sizes stay on top of the latest best practices for growing and advancing their business. Our 30-minute TSIA public webinars are a great way to hear directly from our research team about how emerging industry trends are affecting their respective service discipline, and what you can do to stay current. Here's a recap of this summer’s webinars in case you missed them!  

Customer Success

“Pointing Due North: Customer Success Compensation Trends”
Presented by Phil Nanus, Vice President of Research, TSIA

The volume and pace of hiring for Customer Success organizations has reached unprecedented levels. Based on the results of our 2017 Customer Success Compensation Study, we were able to identify the key roles that these organizations were hiring, where they were finding these roles, and what incentive structures they had established.

In this 30-minute webinar, TSIA's Phil Nanus will share some of the high-level findings from this survey, providing such highlights as:

  • Percentage increase in base salary and OTE for customer success managers
  • Trends in variable compensation
  • The correlation of organizational alignment and growth of Customer Success teams
  • Where companies source customer success managers

Watch this webinar On-Demand here. 

Education Services

“Digital Learning: What’s It All About?”
Presented by Maria Manning-Chapman, Vice President of Research, TSIA

What is digital learning? How are learners’ consumption habits influencing the digital learning landscape? What happens to instructor-led training in a digital world? What about monetization of digital content?

In March 2017, TSIA conducted a digital learning summit with the intent of answering these questions, and more, to establish common and best practices in the digital learning space. Join TSIA's Maria Manning-Chapman as she shares learnings and highlights from this summit so that you can assess if your digital learning strategy hits the mark.

Watch this webinar On-Demand here. 

digital learning in education services  

(Click image to enlarge.)
Based on data we received in our digital learning summit, we found that there is a growing customer demand for digital learning options and that subscriptions to these offers are contributing to 23% of total ES revenue.

Expand Selling

“How Sales, Marketing, and Services Can Work Together to Drive Customer Growth”
Presented by Steve Frost, Vice President of Research, TSIA

Your services delivery teams interact with customers at a rate of 5-15X as often as Sales. These conversations provide a tremendous opportunity to generate leads, provide education, and present offers to existing customers. However, most Sales and Marketing organizations overlook these valuable touchpoints.

Listen to TSIA’s VP of Expand Selling, Steve Frost, during this 30-minute webinar where he’ll challenge you with a new way of thinking, including:

  • The ways that services touchpoints should be factored into current marketing models
  • How services delivery teams can utilize their Relationship Equity to uncover strategic opportunities
  • The math that shows services-generated leads are the most cost-effective source of leads you can find—as low as $7 per lead

Watch this webinar On-Demand here.

Field Services

“The Digital Transformation of Hardware Companies”
Presented by Vele Galovski, Vice President of Research, TSIA

All around us we see the impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) and changing business models. Commoditization of feature functionality and the growth of product-as-a-service and cloud offers are changing the way suppliers operate.

However, making the move from hardware to software to cloud is intimidating. To make things more difficult, what if your product is not being commoditized and you are still profitable? Could your industry or product be immune to these market forces?

Join Vele Galovski, TSIA’s VP of field services research, as he shares his findings on where enterprise IT, industrial equipment, and healthcare OEMs are in this digital transformation, and more importantly, how to execute on the digital transformation to grow your service business.

Watch this webinar On-Demand here. 

Managed Services

"Defining Managed Services"
Presented by George Humphrey, Vice President of Research, TSIA

As more and more tech companies of all shapes are rapidly building and launching managed services, it is important to understand what the most common managed services offers are and why companies buy them.

In this 30-minute on-demand webinar, George Humphrey, TSIA’s VP of managed services research, will provide an overview of the definition of managed services, as well as other related topics, including:

  • The five major categories of technology managed services
  • The reasons customers purchase these services
  • Revenue trends related to managed services

Watch this webinar On-Demand here.

types of managed services  

(Click image to enlarge.)
If you look underneath the umbrella concept of managed services, you’ll find several major categories or offer groupings.

Professional Services

“The Converging World of Professional Services”
Presented by Bo Di Muccio, Vice President of Research, TSIA

Organizational convergence has been among the hottest topics in 2017 so far, and the subject of many TSIA research papers, conferences, and research initiatives. However, a lot of the organizational models we’re proposing are more aspirational than actual.

What’s more, there are arguably still more questions than answers, especially for the more mature organizations like professional services.

In this 30-minute on-demand webinar, Bo Di Muccio, TSIA’s VP of professional services research, will shed light on some of the most discussed topics among the top professional services leaders in the industry:

• How is industry transformation affecting the professional services org structure?
• How can professional services shift from tech as an asset to tech as a service?
• When does it make sense for professional services to remain independent?
• What organizational capabilities are converging with other service lines?
• What’s working, and what’s not?

Watch this webinar On-Demand here.

Support Services 

“The Modern Support Service Organization: Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities”
Presented by Judith Platz, Vice President of Research, TSIA

TSIA interfaces with hundreds of technology support services leaders in a wide variety of forums. Through those interactions, we receive an in-depth, ever-changing set of trends, challenges, blind spots, and opportunities that are impacting today’s support service organizations, which TSIA calls “Service Business Challenges” or SBCs.

In this 30-minute on-demand webinar, Judith Platz, VP of support services research will share TSIA’s current list of top SBCs, benchmark data, and other best practices insight that you can use to optimize your organization.

 Watch this webinar On-Demand here.

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