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At TSIA, we are dedicated to helping technology services organizations of all sizes stay on top of the latest best practices for growing and advancing their business. At the beginning of each year, our research team publishes a report of the latest trends affecting their respective area of research and hosts a 30-minute TSIA Pulse webinar going over the highlights. Here's a roundup of the TSIA Pulse sessions from Winter 2016, including the discipline-specific predictions forecasts you might have missed!

Customer Success

"The State of Customer Success: 2016"
Presented by Peter Armaly, Vice President of Research, TSIA

Customer success continues to spread across the industry at a rapid pace, and many companies have already embarked on a journey to build out customer success capabilities, teams, and KPIs to drive and measure how they can deliver successful outcomes for their customers. This session discusses how the growth of customer success is being fueled by three major financial trends playing out in the technology industry:

  1. The switch to subscription revenue streams is forcing tech companies to become better at driving adoption
  2. The high cost of sales is forcing technology companies to rethink account coverage models
  3. The increasing pressure to make the XaaS business models profitable

You'll also learn how customer success can be a vital and strategic instrument in addressing these trends and show you how you can begin to leverage this TSIA research insight.

Education Services

"The State of Education Services: 2016"
Presented by Maria Manning-Chapman, Vice President of Research, TSIA

Join TSIA's Maria Manning-Chapman as she provides a 2016 outlook for education services and valuable insight into key trends and industry drivers. You'll learn the critical skills and capabilities education services organizations need to develop to stay competitive, including adoption services, certification programs, and free-to-fee offers that can help you land new learners and keep them coming back for more.

free and fee education service offers  

(Click image to enlarge.)
An example of the types of free offers education services organizations can provide that can lead to paid, fee-based upsells.

Expand Selling

"The State of Expand Selling: Major Trends for 2016"
Presented by Mark Middlekamp, Vice President of Research, TSIA

Expand selling has gained good traction as a formal set of initiatives within technology companies over the past year, but the exciting part has just begun. In this 30-minute session, TSIA's Mark Middlekamp provides a refresher on what expand selling is and what it means to technology companies, reviews the latest developments, and provides insight into how technology companies can accelerate their expand selling initiatives in 2016. Whether you're in sales, services, customer success, or marketing, don't miss this opportunity to gain access to TSIA's insights into the latest expand selling trends!

Field Services

"The State of Field Services: 2016 Trends"
Presented by Vele Galovski, Vice President of Research, TSIA

With 76% of field services organizations struggling to achieve profitable revenue growth, “doing more with less” is a common theme. Service delivery channel optimization, finding new ways to leverage the existing workforce to drive incremental revenue, and identifying new revenue streams are all critical initiatives. Join TSIA's Vele Galovski as he shares his findings based on TSIA’s benchmark data and discusses which key field service trends and core capabilities your organization needs to embrace in order to succeed in 2016 and beyond.

Professional Services

"The State of Professional Services: Major Trends for 2016"
Presented by Bo Di Muccio, Ph.D., Vice President of Research, TSIA

At the beginning of each year, TSIA reviews technology industry data to define the likely outlook for the year ahead. Join TSIA's Bo Di Muccio as he draws from the results of this research to uncover the key trends in professional services performance and best practices for 2016, the industry trends driving change, the key capabilities professional services organizations need to master to achieve success, and more!

Social Support

"The State of Social Support: 2016 Trends & Best Practices"
Presented by John Ragsdale, Vice President of Research, TSIA

The technology services industry is rapidly evolving. A majority of service organizations are in the midst of creating a new omni-channel customer engagement strategy, with new interaction channels emerging, and customer preferences for support channels morphing. Are you keeping pace? 

Watch this webinar to find out customer channel preferences across assisted, unassisted, and social channels by age demographic, including a discussion on where to invest to meet the needs of today’s customers, as well as tomorrow’s customers. You'll also learn the trends and best practices for online support communities, adoption and social media support, and about the importance of establishing a social listening program in order to proactively monitor Voice of the Customer and Customer Effort Scores for your company.

preferred support channels  

(Click image to enlarge.)
The majority of respondants to TSIA’s 2016 Social Support Survey prefer some method of self-service as their primary support channel.

Support Services

"The State of Support Services 2016"
Presented by Judith Platz, Vice President of Research, TSIA

Support services organizations continue to receive incredible pressure to reduce the cost of delivering support. This pressure, along with the push to deliver outcome-based support, is forcing a certain amount of experimentation on how to reinvent support services organizations. 

Join TSIA's Judith Platz as she shares current support services industry topics, including how support services organizations are changing to meet heightened customer expectations and what new strategies need to be considered in order to deliver customer outcomes.

Register for Our Upcoming TSIA Pulse Webinars

We still have more forecasts to make, and there's still time to register for our upcoming TSIA Pulse webinars in the areas of managed services and service revenue generation. Here's what you can look forward to.

Managed Services

"The State of Managed Services: The Time is Now"
Presented by George Humphrey, Vice President of Research, TSIA
Fri, April 15, 2016 8:00 AM PDT

The tech market is changing. Product companies, both hardware and software, have plateaued. Most tech companies are facing either flat or declining product revenues. Services revenues, once thought of as the profit engine for companies, have flattened as well.

As a result, most companies are looking for a new, yet profitable growth engine. “The Cloud” represents growth, yet with little to no profit. However, many companies are starting to discover that managed services (MS) are offing strong growth opportunities with more profitability than most thought possible. Some are even discovering that managed services are a great stepping stone towards the cloud.

Join George Humphrey, VP Research, Managed Services, as he digs into the following topics every tech CEO needs to understand about managed services:

  • Major trends affecting managed services in 2016
  • Why managed services, when executed well, is so profitable
  • How to build a successful managed services business

Register here to join us for this 30-minute session on Friday, April 15 at 8:00 AM PDT.

Service Revenue Generation

"The State of Service Revenue Generation: 2016"
Presented by Julia Stegman, Vice President of Research, TSIA
Fri, Apr 22, 2016 8:00 AM PDT

Change is not easy for most, because delving into the unknown has its risks, but it also holds tremendous promise. TSIA research indicates three very significant transformations in business models this year. These transformations are clearly impacting the world of service revenue generation (SRG) and most likely, your company.

In this 30-minute webinar, Julia Stegman, TSIA’s VP of Research, Service Revenue Generation, will provide insight into industry trends and how your organization can stay ahead of the curve to position itself for success. You’ll learn:
  • Three very significant transformations in business models occurring
  • this year
  • Four key actions SRG organizations should focus on 
  • Top 10 capabilities for optimizing recurring service revenue growth
Don’t miss this opportunity to discover how your organization can achieve real transformation and enjoy a prosperous 2016. Register today and join us on Friday, April 22 at 8:00 AM PDT.

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