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We're thrilled to announce that all TSIA members now have access to TSIA Outcome Chains, an easy-to-use SaaS experience that makes consuming TSIA's vast vault of research and insights easier than ever before! If you have a service business challenge (SBC) that needs solving, our growing list of available outcome chains can match you with the right TSIA data, resources, and advice to help you solve it. Our library of currently available outcome chains spans across 8 service disciplines and is constantly growing. Today, you can immediately start addressing such challenges as reducing customer churn, building a managed XaaS offer, reducing cost per incident through self-service support channels, retaining field services talent, and more!

TSIA Outcome Chains is an application that helps our members map all of our great content to the business outcomes that they want to achieve.

Thomas Lah, Executive Director, TSIA

What You Can Accomplish with TSIA Outcome Chains

TSIA Outcome Chains help services leaders apply the right data insight to their strategic plans, reducing the time to the desired business outcome. Using our proven research and best practices, members can use TSIA outcome chains to identify gaps in their operation and put together a plan of action for overcoming specific business challenges that they can present to senior leadership. Users also have the ability to add their own content and collaborate with team members to further customize their path to success based on their company's unique needs.  

TSIA Outcome Chains provide solutions to a growing list of the most common service challenges affecting today's technology and services organizations by clearly identifying: 

  • The Capabilities required to achieve the desired outcome.
  • The Roles to run the best practices.
  • The Practices for leveraging technology.
  • The Technology required to improve KPIs.
  • The KPIs that predict financial impact.
  • And the Financial Impact that drives the outcome.

A Look at the Service Business Challenges TSIA Outcome Chains Can Help You Solve

TSIA has data sets and best practice libraries that are unlike any other in the world. Now, this wealth of knowledge is available as a cohesive SaaS experience that puts the right resources directly into the management decision process of everybody within your organization.

Here is a partial list of all currently available outcome chains that you can start using today to solve your most pressing services business challenges:

Customer Success

  • Improve Customer Insights with Social
  • Reduce Churn​

Education Services

  • Build Education Subscription Offers
  • Develop Content Rapidly
  • Drive Adoption via Certification
  • Optimize the Education Services Pricing Strategy

Expand Selling

  • Create Customer Engagement Models for Expand Selling
  • Generate Leads Through Services Touchpoints with Expand Selling
  • Sell Outcome Engineering

Field Services

  • Develop Differentiated Field Service Offers
  • Drive Adoption Through Field Services
  • Improve Advanced Exchange and RMA Processes
  • Improve Transactional CSAT
  • Prevent Truck Rolls
  • Reduce On-Site Incident Costs
  • Reduce Spare Parts Logistics Cost

...and much more! Click here to see the full list of all currently available TSIA Outcome Chains!

TSIA Outcome Chains make it much easier to consume research, align internal teams with your company's overall strategy, and empowers decision makers by providing the right connections that can drive real business outcomes.

TSIA outcome chains have impacted my overall membership experience by really getting the most value of all the research.

John D'Addario, Senior Portfolio Manager, Customer Strategy, PTC


How to Start Using TSIA Outcome Chains Today

If you're already a TSIA member, contact your Member Success Manager for instructions on how to get started using TSIA outcome chains today. Not a member yet? Contact us for a briefing to learn how TSIA can help your organization achieve the business outcomes you want, or check out our Free Resources Center for a peek at the insights we offer.

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