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Today is the final day of Technology Services World. Yesterday I spent the majority of the day in 1:1 meetings with members and partners, and that will continue today. I’ll be back next week with a recap of the top themes I heard in these conversations. For now, after yesterday’s long day of over 70 sessions, starting at 10 AM and running until 5:30 PM, I wanted to give you a peek at yesterday’s top attended sessions. Nothing can better show which issues are top of mind with technology and services professionals than seeing which topics attracted the largest crowds. 

Even though she is working from 4:30 AM to 11 PM every day of our conferences, our amazing senior manager for conference programs and technology, Christi Holzer, always manages to send me the sessions counts for the previous day by 5 AM. So thanks to Christi, here’s a look at the five top attended sessions from yesterday:

#1. Creating Relevant Support Moments that Create Customers for Life at Salesforce

Our top attended sessions at TSW are usually from our partner case study track. Attendees love to see how companies are getting actual business value from technology. This session, part of the case study track, detailed how Salesforce delivers relevant content and contextual recommendations at scale across self-service and agent interactions, freeing up human capital for more quality interactions with customers. The presenters were Jennifer MacIntosh, VP of Customer Success, Coveo, and Andre Robitaille, Sr. Principal Success Specialist, Salesforce.

#2. KeyedIn Case Study: Analytics that Predict Success for Professional Services Teams

The number 2 slot also went to a customer case study. This session offered a panel discussion to discuss the best-practice KPIs and analytics that can move your Professional Services team to new levels of predictability, profitability, and productivity. The panelists were Chris Ryba, PMP, Director, Professional Services, Virtual Hold Technology, and Tim Short, VP, Services North America and Shawn Dickerson, Sr. Director, Marketing, from KeyedIn Solutions.

#3. How Microsoft Has Used Customer Journeys to Bring Sales, Services, and Customer Success Together

This session, which covered what Microsoft learned while going through a journey mapping process, how Sales, Services, Customer Success, and Engineering were connected, and provided some strategic recommendations about how others might take a similar approach to blend services and sales motions. Presenters were Angela Cooper, GM, Worldwide Customer Success Strategy & Operations, and Laura Longcore, VP, Digital, Services & Success, Solutions Strategy & Operations, from Microsoft.

#4. Support Services Keynote: Transforming Support for the Cognitive Era

In this session, Bob McDonald, IBM’s VP of Support Transformation and Training, shared IBM's vision and journey of how they are transforming their global client support experience to meet tomorrow's needs. I had a chance to meet with Bob yesterday, who is very passionate about how they are leveraging the AI in their Watson technology to automate and inform many basic support processes.

#5. Finally! An Open, Modern, Metrics Standard

Metrics are a perennial favorite topic with TSIA members, and rounding out the top five sessions from yesterday was this breakout, which detailed the Open Customer Metrics Framework (OCMF), the first open standard metrics framework for customer support leaders. Presenters were Phil Verghis, CEO and Co-Founder, Klever Insight; and Judith Platz, VP, Support Services Research, TSIA.

I was pleased to see that the breakout session I presented yesterday with Phil Verghis, “How a Culture of Knowledge Sharing Enables the New Support Employee,” made the top 10 for session attendance. Knowledge management is always a popular topic with TSIA members and TSW attendees, and we were happy to have a nice crowd. Phil also had over 100 attendees for his case study session, “Klever Insight Case Study: A Data-Driven way to Know the Smartest Next Strategic Thing to Do.”

Based on yesterday’s top attended session, it appears that even though there is huge interest in many emerging topics, technology and services leaders are still laser-focused on the core issues of service operations: which metrics to track, how to increase employee productivity, and how to deliver the highest quality of service to customers. I hope everyone enjoys the final day of TSW. My 1:1s start in just a few minutes, so I will sign off for now. See you in the hallways, and as always, thanks for reading!

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John Ragsdale

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John Ragsdale is a distinguished researcher and the vice president of technology ecosystems for TSIA. His area of expertise is in creating strategies for improving the service operations and overall customer experience by leveraging innovative technology. John works closely with TSIA’s partner ecosystem, identifying leading and emerging technology vendors whose products help solve the key business challenges faced by TSIA members. He is also author of the book, Lessons Unlearned, which chronicles his 25-year career inside the customer service industry.

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