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Across the industry, the majority of technology companies are seeing flat or declining services revenues, causing CEOs to worry. However, there's good news in that managed services revenues are on the rise. In fact, managed services (MS) is growing faster than any other service line, with the total of MS revenues jumping from 6% of all services revenue to 23% since 2013. This has led to a huge opportunity for CEOs of technology companies that don't currently have a managed services business to begin taking advantage of this fast-growing and highly profitable revenue stream. In this slide deck, you'll learn the top 3 reasons why technology companies looking to stay profitable in this changing industry need to invest in managed services.

If you're looking to invest in managed services, it's always a good idea to stay current on recent developments in the industry. Join me and TSIA's senior director of managed services research, Jeff Connolly, for our webinar, "The State of Managed Services 2018," where we discuss recent trends and metrics that dictate what lies ahead for managed service providers (MSPs) in 2018, including:

  1. Key indicators the tech industry is evolving towards managed and “as-a-service”
  2. The trend toward standardization and the impact on KPIs
  3. The trend toward organizational specialization
  4. The need to expand critical service capabilities

Watch the webinar here!

Editor's Note: This blog and slide deck was originally published on 3/24/16 and has been updated with current information. 

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