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They say that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. This is especially true in the business world, where a bad customer experience can deter customers from purchasing from a specific brand or company. Building customer loyalty depends on creating friendly and professional interactions every time, regardless of the channel.

Creating and Maintaining the Best Experience

We work with clients to create a customer experience that consistently exceeds their expectations. Our research indicates that companies that achieve this goal have the foundation for building customers for life.

Without customers, your organization would not exist. Why wouldn't you do everything possible to maximize customer satisfaction and loyalty?

While companies will always compete on product and price, enduring market leadership is defined by something entirely subjective: the customer experience.

Customer complaints, as well as compliments are often related to how well your company's products and/or services met their expectations. A pattern of good experience will help keep customers engaged and loyal to you. A history of bad experiences will drive them to your competitors. They often depart with no warning signs, leaving a company to wonder what happened.

Following the Path to Excellence

Like a pilot needs a checklist and a navigation system, companies need a template to help guide them on their journey to delivering exceptional customer experiences through a customer experience management (CEM) strategy. CEM is the identification and measurement of all the interactions—or touchpoints—a company has with its customers to ensure that each activity delivers value so that customers will continue to buy and recommend the company's products and services.

The objective of a CEM strategy is to evolve your business’ DNA to the point where your organization is entirely customer-driven. Your central objective is to achieve total customer satisfaction, raising the awareness and consciousness of all employees as to the importance of being a customer-centric organization.

This accomplishment results in a major competitive advantage for your company. When you reach this “summit,” you have actually built a fence around your prospects and customers—one that your competitors can neither penetrate nor break down. You've earned customer loyalty.

But reaching this goal is not easy. There is a lot to do, and it is critical that you get it right. A solid strategy will keep you on course, allow for mid-course corrections, and help you achieve the mission of implementing a successful CEM strategy.

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Dennis Gershowitz

About Author Dennis Gershowitz

Dennis Gershowitz is the founder and president of DG Associates, a consulting firm that specializes in driving service revenues and profits through the development and implementation of customer experience management (CEM) strategy and service operations improvements. DG Associates is a TSIA Consulting Alliance Partner.