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In our book, B4B, we established that technology suppliers are evolving from simply delivering products to also delivering business outcomes to their customers. Out of this growing trend came a new idea called "outcome engineering," where solutions providers present their customers with clear paths to success using their technology. TSIA is now applying that same concept to help our members improve their service business outcomes by leveraging our research, data, and business frameworks with the help of a new tool, TSIA Outcome Chains

Outcome Chains presents TSIA research in a logical format that allows us to leverage content and pinpoint our business challenges. Great tool

Glen MacLean, Director Global Service Delivery, Lexmark

What is Outcome Engineering?

At TSIA, we define outcome engineering as the ability to consistently help customers achieve targeted business outcomes. Outcome engineering requires having a full understanding of everything that would be required for your customer to achieve their desired business objectives by using your solution, including the people involved, processes, and technology. 

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To apply this concept and better help our members achieve their target business objectives, we're proud to announce that TSIA has partnered with Outcome Chains, Inc., a SaaS solution designed with the purpose of building better maps to the outcomes you want.

Follow the Right Path to Achieving Your Desired Business Outcomes

Our priority is to help our members clearly identify their desired objectives, the business challenges preventing them from reaching their goals, and to help them achieve them as quickly and easily as possible. With the Outcome Chains application, TSIA members will now have the opportunity to easily access key TSIA resources that have been carefully matched to each step along their unique journey to achieving their desired outcomes, from research, to benchmark data, to dashboard tools, and more.

Outcome Chains makes it easy to access an incredible amount of TSIA content, saving our team time when researching solutions for our top business challenges. I could use this tool all day!

Jon Larson, Senior Director, Cloud Services, Education Services & Logistics, SeaChange

The Future of Outcome Engineering Through TSIA Outcome Chains

We're thrilled that we can bring this valuable new tool to our membership community. We can't wait to show you how TSIA Outcome Chains will help you and your organization achieve the business outcomes you want. Contact us today to learn how to become a member in any of our service disciplines and receive access to TSIA Outcome Chains. 

Editor's Note: This post has been edited on 4/4/2017 to reflect current information.

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