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Technology companies are moving through a period of uncertainty. Lessons learned from previous crises tell us in times like these, there are opportunities to innovate. One of the key areas of opportunities that has been identified within customer success organizations is how to effectively scale.

Watch this virtual summit, “The Next Level of Scaling Customer Success,” on-demand get ideas on how to innovate and scale your Customer Success organization to make it more efficient. 

About This Virtual Summit

This 3-hour live event, hosted by Gainsight and Totango, brought together experts from across the industry to provide best practice guidance and insight into: 

  • Why the basics of scale include a solid foundation with ROI methodologies
  • Practices to digitally enable your customer success capabilities and your customer’s lifecycle
  • How to scale through technology and make your customer success organization more efficient

Whether you have an emerging customer success organization or a well-established function, there's something for everyone.

Watch “The Next Level of Scaling Customer Success” on-demand

Virtual Summit Sessions and Speakers

  • Introduction/Wrap Up and Q&A | Phil Nanus, VP, Customer Success Research, TSIA
  • Amazing Customers Experience at Scale | Tony Pante, Global Leader Digital Center of Excellence, Customer First and Keith Strodtman, COO, Customer First, SAP
  • Experiences Users Crave. Margins CFOs Want. The New Customer Success is Digital & Dynamic | Guy Nirpaz, CEO & Founder, Totango
  • Powering Breakthrough Customer Success with Product-Led Growth | Kellie Capote, VP, Customer Success, Gainsight
  • Optimizing and Measuring Impact of Customer Success at Scale | Teresa Anania, VP of Global Customer Success & Renewals, Zendesk
  • Precision Engagement at Scale: Pairing Experts with Individual Users | David McKenney, Senior Vice President, Digital Advancement, Bentley Systems
  • Delivering Customer Outcomes at Scale with Digital Augmentation | Ashok Gunasakaren, VP, Customer Success/Digital Experience, Informatica

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