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Mark your calendar for Thursday, March 29, for a free virtual summit all about how to cost-effectively grow your revenue by getting your Services teams more involved in the sales process. During this 3-hour event, you’ll learn from industry experts about when, where, and how Services teams should (and should not) be involved in revenue generation.

Service teams interact with customers 5-15x more than Sales, putting them in the position of trusted advisors. Sales needs to leverage that relationship by purposefully including Services into the sales cycle.

Steve Frost, VP, Expand Selling Research, TSIA

About This Free Virtual Summit

When it comes to customer relationships, there are just certain places Service teams can go that Sales can’t. They’re able to create relationship equity with the customer and get a better understanding of their goals and pain points, shining a light on potential upsell and cross-sell opportunities that Sales can then land. Not only that, but Services-generated leads are far less costly to produce, even as low as just $6.70 per lead, compared to the $70-110 range of other lead sources. TSIA studies also show that Services and Customer Success teams can handle certain types of sales in a far-more cost effective way as well. To unlock this cost-effective source of revenue, Sales and Services have to work together, but when and where should Services get involved in the Sales process to ensure a successful deal?

This virtual summit, “Engaging Services in the Sales Process,” hosted by TSIA and our partners, Lithium Technologies and Miller Heiman Group, brings together industry experts from leading companies to share tools and tactics for better collaboration between Sales and Services to generate more revenue.

This 3-hour interactive online event is open to everyone and is absolutely free to attend!

List of Speakers, Topics, and How to Join This Virtual Summit

The topics for this virtual summit, moderated by TSIA’s VP of Expand Selling Research, Steve Frost, include:

  • Engaging Services in the Sales Process – Steve Frost, VP Research, Expand Selling, TSIA
  • Using Social and Community Data to Understand Opportunities – Joe Cothrel, Chief Community Officer, Lithium Technologies
  • Utilizing Services Data to Uncover Sales Opportunities – Jeremy DalleTezze, VP Research, Data Analytics
  • The Science of Field Service Lead Generation – Carole Norman, Sr. Director, Global Shared Delivery Americas Operations, HP Enterprise
  • Breaking Down Silos Between Service & Sales – Karen Allinder, VP, Customer Experience Solutions, Miller Heiman Group
  • Achieve More Conversations – Caroline Rhodes, Director, Sales & Retention Services, Microsoft

There will also have an interactive Q&A session where you can get your questions answered live by our panel of industry speakers.

This event has already passed, but you can watch the webinar on-demand here!

Editor's Note: Updated with on-demand webinar information 3/29

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