Despite the healthcare industry experiencing steady growth year over year, many HHIT (Healthcare & Healthcare IT) providers are beginning to see the cracks in their traditional business models. This infographic outlines the various ways HHIT organizations can embrace the Internet of Things (IoT) through smart, connected products to capture new revenue streams, including optimized customer processes, and improved business outcomes.

TSIA HealthcareTechnlogy HHIT Infographic

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At TSIA, our mission is to help technology and services organizations in all industries unlock new revenue opportunities by optimizing their services operations. With our unique business frameworks, deep industry knowledge, and fact-based research, we guide you down the proven path to achieving better business performance in an ever-changing industry. Contact us today to join other top-tier healthcare organizations in preparing your business for a more successful future through TSIA membership.

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Vele Galovski

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Vele Galovski is vice president of research, Field Services, for TSIA. Using his nearly 30 years of industry experience, he has consistently helped companies both large and small drive double-digit top-line growth with a proven retain, gain, and grow strategy. Vele has also written a book, The Perpetual Innovation Machine, which describes a holistic approach to management based on ambitious goal setting, data driven analysis, skillful prioritization, inspiring leadership, and the lost art of employee engagement.

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