Implementing a good knowledge management system is key to improved productivity within your organization, and can be achieved through proper transformation of your KM processes, people, and technology. Though many companies are moving toward adopting and using KM tools, many may not be using them to their full potential. In TSIA’s annual Knowledge Management Survey, we ask participants about their current core knowledge management processes, tools, and metrics to see how their company is sharing knowledge within their organization.

This infographic gives a brief overview of the findings of last year's survey that provides insight into the current state of knowledge management culture in the technology industry. How would you rate your company’s knowledge sharing culture?

tsia knowledge management survey infographic

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You're Invited to Participate in TSIA Knowledge Management Research

Help us discover the most current knowledge management best practices by participating in TSIA's 2016 Knowledge Management Survey! The survey is open to everyone, not just TSIA members, and participants will receive a copy of the resulting report, "The State of Knowledge Management 2016," which will be published on October 17th. I will also be going over the survey findings during both my keynote presentation, “Overcoming Barriers to Knowledge Sharing,” and my TSIA Power Hour session,“Building the Ultimate Customer Portal,” at our upcoming TSW Las Vegas 2016 conference.

Editor's Note: This post and infographic were originally published on 9/30/2014 and have been updated with current information.

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