Implementing a good knowledge management system is key to improved productivity within your organization, and can be achieved through proper transformation of your knowledge management processes, people, and technology. Though many companies are moving toward adopting and using knowledge management tools, many may not be using them to their full potential. In TSIA’s annual Knowledge Management Survey, we ask participants about their current core knowledge management processes, tools, and metrics to see how their company is sharing knowledge within their organization.

This infographic gives a brief overview of the findings of last year's survey that provides insight into the current state of knowledge management culture in the technology industry. How would you rate your company’s knowledge sharing culture?

Summary of the Findings from TSIA's Knowledge Management Survey

As the infographic suggests, here are some highlights of what we've learned based on the survey responses.

  • Respondents estimated that their productivity would increase by 28% if they had a better knowledge sharing culture
  • The majority of respondents said they encourage the capture of best practices and lessons learned at the end of each professional services project, but only 15% have a formal process in place that requires that this information be gathered for future reference
  • Of the self-service features respondents currently have on their websites, 93% have a search box and 72% have an FAQ list, but the inclusion of features such as an index, auto-suggesting, and virtual assistants remain relatively low
  • When asked "How would you rate your company's knowledge sharing culture?" on a scale of 1-10, the majority (20%) fell between a 7 and 8

Editor's Note: This post and infographic were originally published on 9/30/2014 and have been updated with current information.

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